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Sky pool to be world first ,opening in May

It’s the lap of luxury — and terror.

The world’s first “floating” pool — a glass-bottomed basin positioned 115 feet above the street — is due to open in London.

The Sky Pool, which has allegedly gone through “extensive strength testing” to ensure it won’t crash down onto the street, will open on May 19 at the luxury Embassy Gardens apartment complex in south-west London, the property developers Ballymore announced.

sky pool London

The transparent, floating creation is about 82 feet long — with 46 of those feet above the street connecting the complex’s two towers, Ballymore said in a news release.

sky pool London

“The swimming pool’s 14 meter long transparent acrylic structure has been lifted 10 stories up into the air and installed in its steel frame, spanning Embassy Gardens’ Legacy Buildings,” the release states.

“The location and transparency of this ‘floating’ pool will give Embassy Gardens’ residents the extraordinary experience of swimming and viewing the ground and the capital from the water while 35 meters up in the sky.”

The exclusive amenity will only be available to residents and guests of the building, where two-bedroom apartments cost about $1.4 million.

sky pool London

Aside from the pool, the buildings’ Sky Deck boasts a spa, summer bar and Orangery — a greenhouse where orange trees grow.

The structure, said to be the “largest single piece of load bearing acrylic in the world,” has been in the works for several years and was built in a Colorado factory.


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