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13 injured after Brus clash with locals in North Tripura district

Police reported on Tuesday that a conflict between displaced Bru people from Mizoram and locals near Casco Bru camp in North Tripura district resulted in the injuries of thirteen tribal people.

Bhanupada Chakraborty, the district police chief, who rushed to the scene, said that a group of displaced Bru people from neighbouring Mizoram, who were sheltered at the camp in Damcherra block, had opened shops on the roadside, to which local people from the Charai and Halam communities had objected. The proprietors refused to close the shops, resulting in a heated argument.

Following altercations, the Brus and local tribals clashed on Sunday, using sticks and dao’ (matchet), injuring 13 people. To get the scene under control, police fired into the air and used baton charges. According to Chakraborty, the injured were sent to a local hospital.

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