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Tiluck Keisa, young ice skate from Manipur sets world record for “most cartwheels in one minute.”

Tiluck Keisam Limbo, a skater residing in New Delhi, India, broke the World Record for the most cartwheels on roller skates in one minute on July 28. The 13-year-old attends Bluebells School International in New Delhi, where she is in class 8B.

Tiluck performed 42 cartwheels in one minute, according to an InsideNe article. He did, however, break the previous world record of 30 cartwheels, which was held by London, United Kingdom. The event was held in the DDA Squash and Badminton Stadium in New Delhi, with observers and onlookers.
It took place between 5.30 and 6.30 p.m. (IST).

The concerned authority has received all of the required films and papers for the prodigy. Meanwhile, the Guiness world record authorities are still awaiting a formal certificate.

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