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Assam Govt issues travel advisory & advises citizens not to travel to Mizoram

Following confrontations on the inter-state border that left six Assam Police officers dead and scores more injured, the Assam government issued a travel advisory on Thursday, advising residents not to travel to Mizoram.

The travel advisory, signed by Assam Home Secretary M S Manivannan, says: “Given the prevailing situation, the people of Assam are advised not to travel to Mizoram as any threat to personal safety of people of Assam cannot be accepted.”

The advisory further stated, “Even after this incident, certain Mizo civil society/students and youth organisations are constantly issuing provocative statements against Assam and its people…” the government said. “It has been reliably learnt from video footage available with the Assam Police that many civilians are heavily armed with automatic weapons. As such, to ensure the safety and security of the people of Assam, a travel advisory is hereby issued.”

People from Assam working in Mizoram have been cautioned to exercise extreme caution, according to the state government.The administration has stated that every vehicle entering Assam from Mizoram will be thoroughly inspected. “In order to prevent illicit drug trafficking, all cars entering Assam from Mizoram must be checked.
Assam Police would conduct a comprehensive inspection of such cars.

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