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RSS leader: India should not be viewed as a weak country by its neighbours

Indresh Kumar, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader , said on Tuesday that India is strong enough to defend its territory and that neighbouring countries should not regard India as weak.

RSS leader Kumar, speaking to ANI, said, “China’s problems will persist, but India is strong enough to defend its territory. India is a very strong country, and its neighbours should not think of us as weak.”

“I propose that China and Pakistan visit India as friends or neighbours and refrain from inciting violence. Let us live in peace and self-sufficiency.”

His comments follow the 13th round of corps commander level talks between India and China in Moldo, on the Chinese side of the LAC, on Sunday to discuss the military standoff.

We intend to treat everyone with respect. This is how we are wired. However, mistaking our goodness for weakness and using brute force to disintegrate or weaken us is unacceptable. Our naysayers should be aware of this by now.

The only way to neutralise China’s expansionist aspirations is to rise above it economically and strategically, secure cooperative ties with our neighbours, and [improve] international relations, and our current policies appear to be charting those very horizons.

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