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Mumbai International Airport headquarter will not be relocated to Ahmedabad

The Adani Group has reaffirmed that Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL) will stay headquartered in the megacity, putting to rest rumours that the airport would be relocated to Ahmedabad.

“In light of rumours that the Mumbai HQ will be relocated to Ahmedabad,” the Adani company wrote on Twitter. “We categorically affirm that both MIAL and NMIAL Airports will stay based in Mumbai.”
“Through our airport ecosystem, we reiterate our resolve to make Mumbai proud and create thousands of employment.”

The news of the headquarters’ relocation and the dandiya dance performed at the airport has sparked a lot of debate recently. The proposal to move the Mumbai airport headquarters to Ahmedabad, according to Congress lawmaker Sachin Sawant, is being done to devalue Mumbai.

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