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India: 20 million kids in 15-18 age group vaccinated already

Since January 3, over 20 million teenagers aged 15 to 18 have received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, according to Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya.

“Protecting young India from Covid-19.” Since January 3rd, over 2 crore children aged 15 to 18 have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Mandaviya tweeted, “Congratulations to all my young friends who got vaccinated.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated eligible children of the age cohort and urged people to get vaccinated after seeing his tweet.

“Excellent! My young friends, you have done a fantastic job. Let’s keep this momentum going. “I’m urging everyone to follow all COVID-19-related protocols and, if you haven’t already, get vaccinated,” Modi tweeted.

According to the central government’s CoWIN dashboard data, 20,226,790 teenagers have been vaccinated with the first shot of Covaxin since January 3, when vaccinations for children aged 15 to 18 years were opened.

With 1,715,615 children receiving the vaccine between January 3 and 7, Uttar Pradesh topped the list of states that administered the most shots to this age group. During the same time period, Tamil Nadu vaccinated 1,463,079 children. Vaccinations were given to 1,483,478 children in Maharashtra. Since the vaccination drive began, 204,902 children have been vaccinated in Delhi.

On January 3, India began its vaccination campaign for teenagers, administering Covaxin to this age group in all states, with a 28-day gap between doses, according to the central government.

According to Dr Piyush Gupta, former president of the Indian Academy of Paediatrics and head of the paediatrics department at the University College of Medical Sciences in Delhi, because this age group is a mobile group with a comparatively higher level of interaction with the outside world, it is critical that the maximum number of teenagers in this cohort are vaccinated as soon as possible.

“The 15-18 age group is a priority,” Dr. Gupta explained, “because these are the kids who will be taking their board exams in a few months.” “They can’t be held captive for long because they have to go out and take their exams, sit in exam rooms, and mingle with other students.” As a result, they must be made risk-free.”

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