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Three Good Reasons to Avoid Sending Nude Photos on Snapchat

Snapchat’s picture flashing feature, which allows users to transmit a photo to someone but has it “self-destruct” after 1 to 10 seconds, has drawn users (and investors). The promise of risk-free sexting is so appealing that the app is presently the iTunes store’s fourth most popular.

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Teens are apparently flocking to Snapchat in droves. Snapchat is used 30 million times every day, and the company is going to get $8 million in venture capital. It’s worth noting that the app’s owners maintain that risqué photographs aren’t driving its rise. (However, please note their self-selected advertising picture, which is shown to the right.) There is no such thing as safe sexting, as much as I hate to break it to you. Utilizing Snapchat to transmit scandalous selfies is similar to using the pull-out approach in that it isn’t always successful in averting long-term effects.

Is it Safe to Send Nude Pics on Snapchat?

Here are a few reasons why you should think twice before sending a hot image over the app:

1. It’s often assumed that Snapchat users use the programme to capture and distribute sexual images. As a result, you could conclude that the people with whom they’re communicating are really close pals. Friendships that are close. The app has also opted to make public a list of each user’s most frequent correspondents. “Basically, Snapchat is attempting what sounds like a horrible joke about The Worst Idea in Tech: ‘Let’s gamify sexting’. “Your profile reveals not just the amount of snaps you send, but also your three ‘Best Friends,’ who are decided automatically by whoever you snap with most frequently.”

2. Even when the snap self-destructs, the person who is seeing it can still take a screenshot or take a photo with another device to save a duplicate. The software uses a tattletale function to try to avoid the former. “The Snapchat app claims to notify you if someone takes a screenshot, but what will you do if you share a photo in confidence only to find out that someone has decided to maintain a permanent record?” Furthermore, there are ‘how-to’ guides online that describe how jailbroken iPhones may circumvent Snapchat and shoot photos without alerting the sender.” “When a user tries to snap a screenshot of another user’s Snap, the sender of the photo is informed — but the screenshot remains on the other user’s phone, where it may be shared with the rest of the world.” Alternatively, you might use a blog created specifically for the purpose…

3. This takes us to the third point. Of course, if there’s an app allowing people to sext one other, it’ll lead to a site dedicated to archiving those sexts. Hello, Snapchat Sluts, a new Tumblr dedicated to sharing nude Snapchat photographs. The photographs on the short-lived website were allegedly contributed by eager women. Regardless, the powers of the Internet have stepped in to protect the not-so-innocent. Random photographs and postings have taken the role of Tumblr’s provocative photos. According to a message at the top of the page, “I’m not sure how I got this link. We’ll never know, I think.”

I’ll remind you, as always, that emailing naked images is not a good idea. If you must send them, keep Gawker’s advice in mind “Sexting’s time-honored rules: no recognizable attire. There isn’t any notable furniture. There is no face.”



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