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This Squid Game Alarm Clock Might Be The Scariest Thing Of Merch

Squid Game has now surpassed Bridgerton as the most popular Netflix series launch to date, only four weeks after its debut. While it has spawned a slew of new fads, businesses, and retail — anything from pet costumes to nail art to a slew of memes – the Squid Game alarm clock is without a doubt the scariest.

Where To Buy The 'Squid Game' Alarm Clock – DNyuz

The alarm clock adopts the same frightening design as the doll-like figure seen in the Korean dystopian drama Red Light Green Light, but in a smaller, bedside table-friendly size. The wake-up call, on the other hand, is not so pleasant: if you miss the alarm, she will throw darts at your head. According to NME, the soft pellets are not real bullets.

So, where can you get your hands on a Squid Game alarm clock? Unfortunately (or not so, unfortunately, depending on your sleeping tendencies), the alarm clock is simply a concept and hence not for sale. (Yet.)

Squid Game has an appetite that can only be characterized as ferocious. Its popularity rose by 481 percent in less than a month, and the hashtag #SquidGame has been seen over 22.8 billion times on TikTok.


Its appeal stems from a long-held interest in the concept of gamifying survival. In Abu Dhabi, a genuine IRL competition (albeit obviously not as dangerous) is now taking place. There is also an Airbnb that looks quite similar to the Squid Game HQ for people who are less interested in the game but attracted by the decor. Those who want to buy the alarm clock will have to wait till it goes into production, which, let’s face it, can’t be long away.

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