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This Influencer Has Been Banned For Taking Photos At Her Father’s Funeral

People on social media use a variety of things to increase the number of people who engage with their profiles. Keeping your fans informed and active on social media will help you establish a stronger community. There’s nothing wrong with it, after all. However, there are instances when we must avoid such situations. A funeral, for example, is not an appropriate setting for a blog or photo session.

Jayne Rivera

Jayne Rivera, a Florida influencer, was recently called out for one of these posts. This social media influencer posted a photo of herself in front of her father’s open casket with the statement, “The butterfly has flown away. You were my best buddy, Papi. A well-lived life.” She even tagged the photo with hashtags like #dadless and #funeral. Her father’s joined hands may be seen in one of the eight photographs she posed for, while she is smiling and praying in others.


Her late father’s casket was covered with an American flag, indicating that he was a soldier of some sort. Rivera has 307,300 TikTok followers and 84,800 Instagram followers. Her social media accounts reveal that she is a fitness model. Many people have unfollowed her since the event. People, on the other hand, did not react kindly to this post, with many of them being shocked by the images.


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