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Some Logistical Questions About The Squid Game secret island

Some Logistical Questions About The Squid Game secret island

I, like the rest of the world, have spent the last week or two binge-watching a television programme about hundreds of people battling to the death in bizarre sports. Of course, I’m talking about Squid Game, the South Korean phenomenon about a secret island where poor people can win billions of won if they survive a series of six modified children’s activities—”modified” in the sense that if you lose, you’ll be brutally shot in the face (or sent plummeting to your death — it’s usually one or the other).

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The event grabbed spectators, including me, with its mix of unexpected brutality and Wes Anderson pastel graphics (Daniel Kibblesmith on Twitter dubbed it “Battle Royale Tenenbaums”). However, it did leave me with many crucial issues. Questions such as “how much is a billion won in US dollars,” as well as:

Why aren’t there more people looking for their relatives who have gone missing?

We meet the incredibly attractive police officer Hwang Jun-ho early on in the series, who is searching for his missing brother. He infiltrates the group after following the thread of the Squid Game calling card. But, considering that he (and Jun-landlord) ho’s brother’s were never given a credible reason for where his brother left in the first place, why aren’t there more Jun-hos out there attempting to figure out what happened to their loved ones?

I know a lot of Squid Game competitors who are drifters, have drug abuse issues or are otherwise cut off from their families or society, but for a lot of them, family is the primary reason they’re doing the game in the first place – to get money to support them. I believe we can reasonably assume that at least 150 of the 500 or so candidates have family members with whom they communicate on a semi-regular basis? When the Squid Game begins, why aren’t those family members sounding the alarm? For days, their loved ones have been gone!

Why Don’t More People Know About the Squid Game?

Squid Game: the wrong person won - Polygon

I realize why some competitors, such as former investment banker Cho Sang-woo, might be too ashamed to inform their families that they are participating in a shady underground game to get money. However, some of the 150 competitors with families are likely, to be honest with their loved ones about their financial difficulties! Why didn’t everyone go back to their residences after that first subway slap-game of ddakji with the stunningly gorgeous stranger and say, “Okay, you’ll never guess what happened today? This incredibly hot man smacked me and played a children’s game with me, but he also handed me money? And he offered me to play some kind of hidden game?

I should also note out that until this moment, none of the participants were aware that the game they were playing was lethal, so the stakes aren’t as high. Remember? When the weapons begin to fire during Red Light, Green Light, they are all taken aback. It’s just a bizarre narrative up to this point, and there’s no reason why at least 75 competitors wouldn’t have gone for the games by saying, “OK honey, I know money’s tight, but I’m going to go take this odd offer to try something strange to see if it helps.” We’ll probably see each other in a few hours?”

Why Did They Have to Knock Them out Unconscious to Change Them into Their Tracksuits?

I understand that they needed to keep the Game’s location a secret and that they needed to empty their pockets or whatever, but the only reason the Game employees didn’t wake people up when they arrived at the barracks and say, “Hi, here’s a tracksuit in your size, go put it on,” was for “dramatic effect.” Are the ladies wearing bras? Let them than dress themselves, Faceless Representation of Capitalism’s Dehumanization!

What Are the Guards Doing When They’re Not Squid Gaming?

There were no televisions, books, or other amenities in their rooms. They can’t be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Is there a cool hangout spot for guards? How can these individuals be so devoted to an organization that makes them bored out of their minds the majority of the time? I assume that if you pass basic firearms training and “not caring about human life 101,” they will also want you to become highly interested in meditation?


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