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Reasons why people ignore you!

Being ignored is usually a frustrating experience. So, if you’re always wondering why others ignore you, it’s time to look at some reasonable answers.


Being ignored sucks. It sucks, even more, when you don’t know the answer when you’re wondering, why do people ignore me? At least if you knew why, you could decide for yourself whether or not you want to change your behavior. But if you don’t know the sole reason why people are ignoring you, it can often feel confusing and hurtful.

You take it personally because, well, who wouldn’t? You end up doing more things just to grab their attention as if to remind them that you exist.

But usually, when people ignore you, it’s often a combination of their fault and your own.

The feeling of being ignored

It’s human nature to be bothered when people are ignoring you. It’s not that you’re being an attention seeker, but it’s not a great feeling when it feels like you don’t exist to others. Especially when it’s your own so-called friends that ignore you, it’s normal to question if you did something wrong? Or did they?

It’s a horrible feeling that we wouldn’t wish on anyone so if you’re feeling this, we truly are sorry. But maybe this can also be an eye-opener on making certain changes in your life.

If it’s their fault people ignore you, it’s better to find better friends. But if it’s yours, you can always do something about it.


If anyone knows what it feels like to be ignored, they’d definitely avoid making someone feel that way. But for now, if you’re wondering why people ignore you, it’s time to figure it out.

We’re not saying it’s your fault, but maybe there’s a behavior you can change to make people approach you or stick around. And if you work on yourself and they’re still ignoring you—screw them!

1. You don’t listen to other people

Perhaps your friends told you that you’re not a good listener, yet, you continue to not listen. For many people, it’s extremely annoying to talk to someone who’s only interested in talking about themselves. So observe yourself whenever you’re talking with a friend. Does the conversation tend to steer towards you than them?

If this is the case, it’s time to work on your listening skills! This is very important in building friendships and relationships, and it also may be why you keep asking, why do people ignore me.

2. You’re too needy

People want to hang around others who aren’t going to hold onto them like a ten-pound weight. It’s not fun to hang out with someone who needs constant help.

When you’re needy, this easily becomes suffocating for other people. It puts a lot of pressure on the friendship since it can be high-maintenance to stay friends with someone so needy.

3. It’s never your fault

You have an excuse for everything, even when it’s clearly your turn to apologize. We get it, saying sorry isn’t easy when you have a big ego. But apologizing isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of maturity. So if you’re wondering, why do people ignore me, ask yourself if you’ve ever apologized when you were in the wrong.

Your pride and ego aren’t going to get you anywhere, you know? In fact, they ruin friendships more than you expect. So you need to learn to apologize if you want people to stop ignoring you.

4. You’re dishonest

People want to hang around others who are honest and truthful. They don’t want to spend their time with someone who lies and makes them think twice with every word they say. So if you’re honest, you generally keep a lot of friends by your side.

5. You’re criticizing others too much

Criticism is good, and to a point, people need to hear it. But you also need to give compliments. If you’re focusing only on criticism and harsh words, you’re not going to have too many friends left. Friendship is a perfect balance of both criticism and support.

So while you can give your honest opinion on something, also compliment them from time to time! Otherwise, all you’re coming off as is hateful and judgmental. Sometimes, people don’t want to be told what they’re doing isn’t a good idea.

6. It’s not you, it’s them

There are some cases where you’re not doing anything wrong. In fact, the people who are ignoring you are jealous or bitter over your achievements, etc. So, they want to bring you down the only way they can.

This is one of the scenarios where it’s definitely not you who’s in the wrong, but it’s them. Cut them loose. You don’t need them. Better yet, find better friends who will support your dreams and accomplishments in life.

7. You don’t see the bright side of life

While friendship is about acceptance and being yourself, you’ll also push people away if you keep seeing the glass half empty. There’s so much beauty in the world, but you’re sticking to the negative. It’s easy to get stuck in the negative, but you can’t dwell on it forever.

If you keep wondering, why do people ignore me, maybe it’s because of how pessimistic you are. If you want to have friends and for people to notice you more, change your mindset and outlook on life. Positive mind, positive life.

8. You’re flaky

You made plans with someone weeks ago, but when the day of the event comes, you bail on them. See, people don’t like that. And if you do it long enough, they start moving away from you. It’s acceptable to be like this if you really had an emergency or something came up, and you make the effort to make it up to them.

But do it long enough or too often, and people start to take this against you and see you for who you truly are – an unreliable user who has no integrity.

People want friends who are reliable when plans were made, so this is important so people don’t ignore you.

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