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Sexy Things To Try In Bed Tonight with your partner !

What is the best sex advice for a wild couple? From sex in the great outdoors to sex atop a motorcycle, the wilder the better in bed (or wherever) for the fire-ruled sign. And, while some advice may appear straightforward — for example, you have a good chance of having a super hot night with a partner, which is enhanced if you incorporate a little reverse cowgirl into the mix — others have a little more nuanced. Some partners never want anything to come too easily to them. So bear that in mind if you’re in the early stages of dating one.


1. Combine Passion With Play

Sexy Things To Try In Bed Tonight with your partner !


People who need to be playful in and out of bed. You lap it up when your lover makes you laugh, and if you’re dating, be sure to skip the seriousness in the bedroom. (Or wherever it is you wind up having sex.)

Such lightheartedness is a surefire way to win over a hottie. In other words, think outside the box and get creative — and have fun doing so. If things get weird during sex, laugh them off: Life isn’t all sultry stares and perfect playlists, and the more real you get, the more intense the sex will be.


2. Get Outside Your Comfort Zone…

Sexy Things To Try In Bed Tonight with your partner !

Forget dinner and a movie — It’s all about adventure, and shaking things up is the hottest form of foreplay. Try new things together. You don’t necessarily need to bungee jump or zipline, but anything that can spike your adrenaline is a positive for both of you.

And the same goes for sex. “These natives are active, and want their lovers to be too. If you’re too easy, she/he doesn’t want to know. They’d rather try and fail at sex on a motorcycle just to say they did it,”. A little hard-to-get works best. So give naked yoga a try. Go to that restaurant where you have to order whatever the chef gives you. Even if it’s not your fave, it’ll be a bonding experience for both of you.


3. ..Actually, Just Get Outside

Sexy Things To Try In Bed Tonight with your partner !

Wilds natural-born explorer and loves the outdoors — and this applies to their sexual appetites, too: “Whether you’re camping or just want to try something new, getting it on in nature revs their engines like nothing else.”

It’s not just about finding the most out-of-the-box place to get it on, either — sex in the wild, is also about building trust. “Doing it against a tree, hanging from a branch, or even in an underground cave lights up their libido while deepening trust with partners. If you’re dating, keep in mind that they look for “people with a strong sense of self who can stand up to their expectations and need for freedom. If you have an adventurous side, even better!”.

4. Consider Cowgirl…

Sexy Things To Try In Bed Tonight with your partner !

“If you want to look your partner in the eye — use this position for a fierce session of grinding. A partner may love this position, but honestly, so might anyone will. The trick to making Archers swoon: Just go slow. “Everyone wins with this fun and playful position, and you may find that you have to slow things down before one or the other of you gets a little too excited.


5. …Or Reverse Cowgirl

Sexy Things To Try In Bed Tonight with your partner

Most couple’s favorite sex position is probably reverse cowgirl. Which lets them show off their powerful legs and hips while letting them feel free to move. The deeper level of stimulation also lets the imagination run wild while the body’s on fire.


6. Take Things Outside The Bedroom

Sexy Things To Try In Bed Tonight with your partner

life is about adventure, and sex is no exception,an astrologer and astrology transitions consultant, tells Eatnews “Expect this sign to want sex in new positions and new places.”In other words, it may be time for shower sex. But even just getting outside the bedroom and hooking up on the floor, on your desk, or in the car (even when it’s parked in the driveway).


7. Add Some Role Play

Sexy Things To Try In Bed Tonight with your partner

Roleplay can sound intimidating, but it’s not necessarily dressing as a sexy schoolgirl or a cop — unless that turns you both on. Try calling your partner ‘sir” or “ma’am” and seeing how that affects them. Create games where they have to ask permission before every touch or have them try to be silent as you pleasure them. Keeping things new is what keeps your partner. (And new doesn’t necessarily mean throwing out the old playbook — it just means adding twists and variations that’ll keep them guessing.)

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