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Dia Mirza explains why sustainable fashion is so important now

Dia Mirza has been a vocal supporter of eco-friendly fashion. Vedanshi Pathak benefits from her knowledge.

What are three methods to incorporate sustainable fashion into one’s life?

When you say sustainable fashion,’ you are effectively advocating the point of view and thinking that you buy and wear items for the rest of your life. That is really sustainable fashion. Buy and wear clothing and fabrics that breathe, that you can source sustainably, that are created responsibly, and that is long-lasting. We are being responsible when we consume less.

When did you first get interested in sustainable fashion?

Since I realized that our world is in a terrible crisis caused by our irresponsible human acts and behavior and that the fashion industry plays a significant role in this issue. That’s when I started wearing largely sustainable clothing. Now, I don’t believe I dress anything except sustainable fashion designers.


What is your favorite recollection of walking down the ramp?

It’s difficult to answer this question since I enjoy walking the runway for designers that stand for something and believe in something unique. I believe this time has been exceptionally wonderful since we have returned in person after being separated for one and a half years due to the epidemic. We’re in a safe atmosphere, and we’re excited to be doing a concert in person. More than anything, I consider myself fortunate to be representing sustainability.

Dia Mirza

What is the one thing you remember before stepping down the ramp?

The first and most crucial thing to do before walking the runway is to be completely at ease with the item you’re wearing and to own it.


Do you recall the first time you walked as a showstopper, and how did you find the experience?

I still have butterflies in my stomach. I was trembling and shivering. My feet were freezing. I was convinced I would trip, and I believe I did. Someone offered me some extremely helpful advice. “Remember to conquer and never forget to smile,” they said.

Dia Mirza

What does style mean to you?

Style for me is a reflection of who you are and what you’re becoming as a person.


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