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Nagaland: Attacks on churches in Karnataka are condemned by NPCC

K Therie, president of the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC), has condemned the alleged attack on churches by some Hindu organisations in Karnataka on December 1.

In a statement, Therie also condemned the BJP’s alleged actions and attitudes, as well as the Karnataka government’s reported bias and animosity toward Christians.

According to Therie, since 2008, groups such as the Bajrang Dal and the Shri Ram Sena have been targeting Christians and churches as part of a coordinated attack. He claimed that the premeditated attack on 14 churches in one hour in various locations proved his point.

He claimed that the Christian population in India has not grown from 2.3 percent since Independence, despite the BJP’s various organs alleging forced conversions. He was referring to the adoption of anti-conversion laws in BJP-ruled states.

He went on to say that Christians were being persecuted, with police arresting pastors and locking them up with devotees, all while sangh parivar activists barged into churches singing bhajans. He claimed that the police issued friendly warnings to Christians but not to sangh parivar activists, while BJP governments allegedly withdrew 23 cases of attacks on churches and Christians in retaliation for bogus forced conversions.

Therie claimed that there was little evidence of forced conversion, citing media reports, and that religion was an acceptance by one’s inner heart.

“I believe God created the universe,” he explained. I believe in Jesus’ miracle and in the Holy Spirit, who continues to speak to my inner heart and guide my conscience to do what is right. As a result, I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour and protector, as well as His teachings as my religion. My prayers will be answered because I have faith in Him. I trust that God will take care of everything in His own time.”

And by doing so, Therie claimed that no one had offended any religion or the Indian Constitution.

He claimed that every Christian who believes in Christ and has faith would admit that the Karnataka government is incorrect. As a Christian state, he believes it is disgraceful to have a government that is hostile to Christian persecution.

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