Nagaland : MCCI requests to lift eco blockade

To remove the economic blockade at NH702D (Mariani-Mokokchung Road) since November 15, the Mokokchung Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) on Monday emphasized the idea upon the presidents of all students’ organizations.
Political acceptance is necessary to resolve the border disputes between Assam and Nagaland, the MCCI stated on Monday.
It added, “Imposing economic blockades is not the solution. Rather, imposing economic blockades will only multiply the problems while destabilizing the economy of both states”.
The border issue was not solved till date by the State Governments of Assam and Nagaland and organizations were called upon to “exert pressure on our respective state governments to solve the problem at the earliest.”
The MCCI stated, “At the same time, let us work towards building people to people relations between us as good neighbours and improve our business, trade and economic ties so that it will be of mutual benefit. Lifting the economic blockade is the way forward”. It added that the trade and commerce relations between the states would help to determine a solution to the long drawn border problem.

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