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Meghalaya: Nearly 2 Lakhs citizens avoiding second dose vaccine

Minister of Health James PK Sangma expressed concern that 1.5-2 lakh persons in Meghalaya had failed to show up for their second dose.

The State Health Department, which has been stumped by vaccine reluctance, has urged people to get their second COVID-19 dose for enhanced virus protection.

Moreover, Ram Kumar, the Mission Director of the National Health Mission (NHM), explained some reasons that why some people are hesitant to take the second dose.

In addition, he also mentioned that some people are unaware of their deadlines and that many others are procrastinating.

Meanwhile, some people developed a fever after the first dose and are unwilling to repeat the practice.

There are also some who are pregnant or have medical problems, he added.

Officials said the government has contacted about 1 lakh patients who have missed their second dose, inquiring about their reasons for skipping it.

It’s been difficult to contact several of them because they provided incorrect phone numbers.

A total of 93,546 calls were made till October 25th, according to the NHM portal.

More than half of the 2,946 calls made on October 25 were unanswered

13 people out of the 1,439 who were contacted on Tuesday declined to take their second dose.

However, the Government of India is taking all necessary steps to ensure that the citizens are well equipped to tackle the challenge and threat posed by COVID-19, the Corona Virus, which is spreading across the country.

The most crucial component in avoiding the spread of the virus locally is arming residents with accurate knowledge and encouraging them to follow the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s advice.

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