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Meghalaya: Fuel gets no mention during election campaign

During the election campaign, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma and Opposition Leader Mukul Sangma threw allegations and counter-accusations at each other on the issue of Rajabala’s progress but, sadly, there was no mention of oil.

Fuel prices have risen dramatically across the country, including in Garo Hills, yet the topic was clearly a “no-go” for seasoned politicians.

Furthermore, it was an election campaign with every story except oil.

There were so many charges about the state of the roads, the ethnicity of the candidates, and the lack of development that it nearly felt like the whole package was there.

However, the most significant omission from the entire campaign platform was a discussion of fuel prices.

When it came to fuel prices, even the BJP, which has a candidate in the Rajabala election, got off lightly.

In the Garo Hills, the price of petrol has surpassed Rs 100 in the last week, with diesel coming in second in the mid-90s.

An economics professor from Tura remarked “It is a known fact that whenever fuel prices get slashed the prices of essential commodities drop and vice versa. Right now, the cost of fuel is skyrocketing like never before which is having a detrimental effect along the food chain. But despite that, there is no criticism or even a discussion on the fuel issue?”

Travel fares have risen in tandem with the rise in prices. This has been followed by a progressive increase in the price of commodities.

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