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Congress accuses BJP-led Manipur government of ‘misleading’ Public

L Tilotama, a Manipur Congress leader, told the media that the BJP-led-Manipur government is “misleading” people with “lies.”

“Manipur’s law-and-order situation, according to the chief minister, has improved. If that’s the case, why can’t he and his cabinet pass a resolution lifting the disturbed areas designation?” L Titoma, the Congress leader, was questioned.

She also questioned the BJP’s frequent visits to Manipur by its top leadership ahead of the state’s Assembly elections.

Titoma questioned the BJP-led Manipur Government about the amount of money spent on BJP leaders’ visits to Manipur.

“Where does the money for these frequent visits come from?” She claimed that “it appears that the state exchequer is spending a lot of public money on these visits.”

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