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Assam: Guwahati hosts Convergence event to mobilise youth in fight against Covid19

Following the preparation for the fight against this unavoidable foe, Guwahati hosted a one-of-a-kind convergence event, which brought together 200 youths and representatives from various government departments, including health, ICDS, WCD, food and nutrition, in an event with a noble goal.

The programme aimed to pass the torch of struggle onto the hands of Assamese youth, who will fight to make Assam a safe and Covid-free state in the coming days, with support and assistance from the state government, without which the mission would be extremely difficult to achieve.

The Guwahati Youth Festival was an edu-cultural convergence programme organised by the Child In Need Institute (CINI) with generous support from the Western Australian Government. Dr. Lakshmanan S., Mission Director, National Health Mission, Assam, opened the programme with a welcome message.

“It’s not just about the numbers,” he said, “it’s about the impact made in the total system.” He praised CINI and other supporting organisations for their outstanding contributions to government support.

According to a press release, the programme included around 200 youth who were the main attraction of the event because they are the flagbearers of the initiative toward a brighter and better tomorrow.

The programme was carried out with the intention of making the state’s youth aware of the overall situation and employing them in disseminating this knowledge to another set of 50 youngsters, who would then disseminate it to another set of 50 youngsters.

A nuclear chain will be formed as a result of this process, allowing the entire state of Assam to be made aware of the situation as well as the necessary means and requirements to stop the pandemic’s spread and eliminate the threat of malnutrition and health hazards for good.

The programme continued with a variety of events, including Assamese folk dance and songs, quiz and life skill games, Karate, and dance events from various other Indian states, among others, to give it a more national flavour.

Sujoy Roy, national advocacy coordinator, CINI said, “We expect that youths of Assam will build resilience in their own communities and drive social change to prevent 3rd wave.”

“We are supporting young people of Assam in designing and delivering health awareness campaigns and initiatives, so that they are actively engaged in Covid19 health promotion,” Roy said.

Officials from the Food and Nutrition Board, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, and Poshan Abhiyaan, Government of Assam, were also present at the event and gave a fantastic demonstration on the various types of foods and items that should be consumed during pandemic times in order to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle and combat the threat of malnutrition.

The demonstration included educational sessions as well as a live demonstration of how to prepare various foods that must be consumed as part of a daily diet. All of the children and other participants in the programme were enthralled by the demonstration, which demonstrated the appeal and success of the effort.

The Child In Need Institute (CINI) is India’s leading non-governmental organisation, founded in 1974 and working in the field of human rights in east and north-east India for the past 47 years.

CINI operates in the states of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Assam, and Odisha, employing over 1900 people and assisting over 17 million people to date. CINI’s main goal is to create a child-friendly, responsive community that will assist adolescents and children in reaching their full potential.

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