Assam : Ripun Bora resigns as President of Assam Congress

After the dreary performance of the party in Assam Assembly elections, Ripun Bora submits his resignation from the post of Chief of Assam Congress.

Ripun Bora in his resignation admits his shortcomings that leaded to the party’s defeat in the Assembly elections.

Ripun Bora submitted his resignation before Congress president Sonia Gandhi. 

Ripun Bora wrote in his resignation letter, “I do hereby tender my resignation from the post of President, Assam Pradesh Congress Committee owing responsibility of the humiliating defeat of my party in the Assam Assembly Elections 2021”.

“…we were unable to combat the divisive and communal politics played by the BJP and the RSS,” he added. 

“I pledge to continue my fight as a dedicated Congressman to uphold the ideology and values of the Indian National Congress,” Ripun Bora mentioned in his resignation letter. 

The Rajya Sabha MP Ripun Bora lost in the Assam Assembly elections 2021, on Sunday.

Ripun Bora took to his Twitter handle to congratulate the winner of INCAssam & Mahajot.

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