Assam : Protests in front of Mizoram House; threaten of economic blockade

Veer Lachit Sena (VLS), an socio-political organisation of Assam, protested in front of Mizoram House on GS Road in Guwahati on Thursday over the death of six policeman and a civilian near the inter-state boundary at Lailapur.

The group’s activists vowed to create an economic blockade in Jorabat, on the outskirts of Guwahati.

“We will launch a blockade of roads leading to Mizoram to prevent any vehicle from moving to the neighbouring state,” said a Lachit Sena activist.

“We have no conflict with people of Mizoram. But we will not tolerate the provocative statements made by Mizoram politicians. The Assam government must take action against them,” Veer Lachit Sena leader Srinkhal Chaliha told reporters.

Chaliha urged the immediate arrest of Mizoram Rajya Sabha MP K Vanlalvena, who made a public death threat to Assam Police.

“More than 200 policemen entered our territory and they pushed back our policemen from our own posts and they gave firing orders first, before we fired. They are lucky that we didn’t kill them all. If they come again, we shall kill them all,” he had told reporters in New Delhi.

Assam Police has dispatched a team to Delhi to interrogate MP Vanlalvena.

Six Assam Police officials and a civilian were killed, and 60 others were injured, including an SP, in an unusually violent conflict between the two states’ police forces on Monday.

The situation at Lailapur, on the border between Assam and Mizoram, remained severe.

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