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Assam: Dr. Pranab J Patar receives Green Future Leadership Award, Water Leadership Award

Dr. Pranab J Patar, the CEO of the Global Foundation for Advancement of Environment and Human Wellness, has received the Green Future Leadership Award and the Water Leadership Award.

The Global Foundation for Advancement of Environment and Human Wellness is an Indo-American environmental organisation based in New Delhi.

On Wednesday, he was honoured at the World CSR Day & World Sustainability’s 7th National CSR Leadership Congress, held at the Taj MG Road in Bengaluru.

Dr. Pranab J Patar, a native of Assam’s Morigaon, has been recognised for his outstanding leadership in developing innovative and long-lasting solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing socio-environmental challenges.

Nicolas Bockhoff, chief operating officer, SUEZ India; Dr. R. L. Bhatia, founder, World CSR Day & World Sustainability; Jason Fernandes, founder, TokenJay TV; Manoj Balachandran, head, IBM India & South Asia; Dr Anupama Shetty, mission director, Biocon India Foundation; and Anupama Nidhi, head, CSR, Hindustan Zinc Ltd.

According to a press release, Dr Pranab took over as CEO of Global Foundation in January 2019 and has since led the organisation to prominence by focusing on water resource conservation and restoration, mountain sustainable development, climate action and building climate resilience through promotion of low-carbon energy solutions, sustainable livelihood, and environmental capacity enhancement.

Dr Pranab, who spoke as the chair of a panel discussion on the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on the renewable energy sector at the event, emphasised the importance of shifting to green energy as the world attempts to recover from the deadly blow of the Covid19 pandemic while promoting sustainable development and a net-zero trend in the face of alarming climate change implications.

While thanking the jury, Dr. Pranab emphasised that these awards are simply a much-needed acknowledgement of the environmental and sustainability work that they are attempting to promote and propagate at the national level.

In India, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has aided development projects in areas such as education, poverty, the environment, sanitation, gender equality, and hunger for the country’s poor and marginalised people.

Thanks to a CSR amendment to the Companies Act of 2013, which took effect in 2014, India became the first country in the world to make CSR mandatory for businesses.

World CSR Day & World Sustainability, a leading Mumbai-based organisation, has been providing a common platform to effectively every player in the CSR ecosystem across the country, recognising individuals and institutions for their exceptional contributions to making CSR-based/supported social and environmental initiatives a reality.

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