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DEWS joint patrolling squad recovers second hidden pistol of 3 arrested hunters

The joint patrolling squad of Borguli Sibiyamukh and Anchalghat Wildlife Ranges of D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary (DEWS) in Namsing village has recovered a second SBBL gun hidden by three recently arrested hunters in the southernmost part of Borguli Wildlife Range, opposite road damage along Mebo-Dhola road in the north of Namsing village.

As a result, the sanctuary’s search and recovery crew was able to recover the first gun the next day from the same hunters’ salt lick ambush.

The recovery of the second cannon, however, took three days of rigorous search operations. Meanwhile, Adi Baane Kebang has criticised the event and requested that the hunters be punished severely. While pleading with the police and wildlife officials to take tough measures against any unlawful hunters hunting inside protected areas

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