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Arunachal: Wildlife team discovers 138 logs of illegal timber; informs territorial forest for confiscation

On Monday, the wildlife team of D. Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary discovered several timber logs (138 no.) tied on raft ready to be transported to Dibrugarh, Assam from the Sisar river near the confluence of the Sisar and Siang rivers in between Seram and Kongkul village under Mebo Sub-Division, acting on a tip from the wildlife division’s intelligence network.

Following the discovery of illicit logs, the wildlife team notified the Seram Forest Beat territorial forest team under Mebo RF, who took the necessary steps to seize and auction the logs to collect income.

The Mebo RF Range Officer with his team from Seram forest beat arrived on the scene today and cut loose the tethered raft and logs, which were later seen transported down by the river and found strewn near the confluence of the Siang and Sisar rivers, based on information from the wildlife team.

When asked why such massive illicit logs were not confiscated and auctioned, Range Officer, Mebo RF, O. Tayeng said the department lacked the means and machinery to hoist the logs even if they were captured and lifted.

It’s worth noting that two illegal wood operators from Assam were recently apprehended between Mer village and Jeepghat areas along the Assam-Arunachal border by a joint team of wildlife officials from Anchalghat, Borguli, and Sibiyamukh wildlife ranges. While one boat was detained, another was able to escape by taking advantage of the Siang River’s flooding.

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