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Arunachal: Training Programme on Organic Garlic Cultivation Held 


A daylong training programme on organic garlic cultivation was organized to train farmers of Namsing, Kongkul, Gadum and Mer villages under Mebo subdivision under Atmanirbhar Krishi Yojna on October 23.

The training programme was conducted by professors and staff of the College of Horticulture and Forestry located at Pasighat in association with the Department of Agriculture at Pasighat and Siang Organic Farming Society.

About 40 beneficiary farmers from four villages participated in the training programme. Organic Garlic seeds were also given to the beneficiary farmers. The technical know-how of organic garlic cultivation along with associated irrigation techniques and processes were taught to the farmers.

L Pertin, agriculture development officer of Mebo also spoke on the occasion.

Arunachal Pradesh being essentially hilly with deep valley and high mountain peaks traversed by a number of rivers and rivulets, has varying agro-climatic zones. At present the state agriculture is transforming from the traditional slash-and burn practice (Jhum Cultivation) of agriculture towards settled and diversified agriculture. 

Arunachal Pradesh has the potential to enhance the income of farmers by promotion of location specific crops, horticulture, fisheries and livestock production by use of appropriate technologies and strategies suitable for diverse agro-climatic regions with tropical climate in valleys and foothills.


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