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Arunachal: DCM Mein asks RBI to revive Rubber Plantation in the State

Deputy CM of Arunachal, Chowna Mein has asked the Rubber Board of India (RBI) to restore the rubber plantations in Arunachal in order to boost the economy of the people.

A meeting was held with RBI Chairman cum Executive Director Dr KN Raghavan on Wednesday where the DCM said that there is huge potential for rubber cultivations in the state. However, the DCM said, “There is reluctance among the people to grow rubber because of the non-marketing of their product.”

He asked the RBI to make subsidies available to the farmers and enhance their activities by conducting workshops in order to revive the lost confidence of the people on rubber cultivation.

“The state has the highest land bank in the North East and has the potential to become the rubber bowl of the NE region,” the DCM said and called upon the RBI to transform Arunachal as a rubber bowl of the region.

Agriculture Minister Tage Taki also urged the board to motivate the farmers of the state to grow rubber crops.

He mentioned that the rubber plantation has drastically fallen down citing that the agriculture department in the last few years has grown around 1,73,000 rubber saplings, but there were very few takers as most of the people were reluctant to grow the crop.

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