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Friends of Canada-India protest against Beijing Winter Olympics in Vancouver

Friends of Canada-India staged a protest against the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday in front of the Vancouver Convention Centre, citing human rights violations in China. Protesters also called for the restoration of Hong Kong’s greater autonomy, which had been curtailed by China’s implementation of a draconian national security law in the global financial centre. They carried banners reading ‘Free Hong Kong,’ ‘Fight for Freedom,’ and ‘Stand with Hong Kong.’ The protest of Friends of Canada-India, according to the organisers, was a huge success because so many people showed up.

China has long been accused of repressing dissenting voices and violating human rights. It is also accused of attempting to conceal early data on the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic. Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also joined the growing chorus of voices calling for a boycott of the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.

“Reporters writing about the Wuhan virus, doctors telling the truth about CCP labs, a professional tennis player, Uighurs, Hong Kongers, and the head of Interpol have all vanished as a result of the CCP. Let’s take the Olympics away from them and hold them somewhere the entire world can be proud of. #BoycottTheOlympicsInBeijing, “Pompeo sent out a tweet.

After US President Joe Biden recently stated that his administration was considering a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, the call for a boycott has gained traction. During his meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Biden was asked about the possibility of a boycott. The US president hinted at the possibility of a boycott when he said it was “something we are considering.”

The White House will not send a delegation to the opening and closing ceremonies due to a diplomatic boycott. The athletes, on the other hand, would be present at the event.

According to reports, the United Kingdom is also debating whether or not to send officials to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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