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Electricity rates hiked in inflation-hit Pakistan after petrol and sugar

Pakistan is on the verge of another economic crisis as the country’s National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) raised the electricity price by 1.68 Pakistani Rupees per unit, compounding the country’s present inflation and financial crisis.

Notably, the change of electricity rates occurs as other consumer goods in Pakistan, such as gasoline, diesel, and sugar, continue to rise in price. It compelled Imran Khan’s government to launch the “country’s largest-ever” subsidy package of 120 billion rupees on Wednesday, a move denounced by opposition leaders as desperate

According to Geo News, Nepra has increased the price per unit of energy for home consumers under the base rate by 1.68%, while the price per unit of power for commercial and other categories would be 1.39%.

The new tariffs were implemented on November 1st. The fact that consumers who use less than 200 units of power per month will not be affected by the new pricing provides some relief. The government expects a profit of $135 billion per year as a result of the recent increase in power tariffs, according to the article.

This follows the recent increase in petroleum costs. According to a finance ministry announcement, the new price of fuel has been set at 145.82 a litre, with an increase of 8.03 percent, and will take effect on November 5.

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