China digs its heels in Ladakh, deploys more troops in LAC amid COVID-19 surges in India

China is continuing with the construction of roads, bridges, helipads and military camps near the Line of Actual control ( LAC) on its side of the border.

The defence and security establishment to fresh satellite images from the border area, the new constructions are meant to provide back-up for the thousands of troops China has moved forward near Ladakh and also into the Indian side since May this year.

The Chinese road construction activity on their side of the Galwan Valley, and deeper into their territory is continuing even though they pulled back from Indian territory. This was an indication that the Chinese are looking to stay dug in and built up in the area through the upcoming winter season.

According to sources, ‘The Chinese construction activity shows that they are getting ready for the winter and are preparing for any possible action from the Indian side. It also shows that they are pushing their new claims strongly’.

The Chinese are building bridges, camps and roads. Asked where all, the source mentioned Galwan Valley and Lanak La in occupied Aksai Chin without getting into details, later they added.

Indian security agencies have noted that the Chinese are upgrading a road between Lanak La and Krgymo Traggar a distance of about 40 km.

Krgymo Traggar is about 16 km east of Gogra where the Chinese continue to maintain a presence even though both sides had agreed to disengage.

India, on its part has put the entire military on operational alert. Besides deploying over 30,000 additional troops in Ladakh, backed by more tanks, artillery and air power, the majority of the ships under the Eastern and Western Naval Commands have been deployed, including submarines.


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