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GitHub Case: Delhi Police Arrest Mastermind of Sulli Deals from Indore

After the recent arrest of the alleged creator of Bulli Bai App, the Delhi Police has now arrested another person who is said to be the suspected creator of another similar application, ‘Sulli Deals’.

The Delhi Police arrested the person from Indore in Madhya Pradesh and this was the first arrest related to the Sulli Deals case which was filed six months ago.

Police sources said that the accused identified as Aumkareshwar Thakur was apprehended by the Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) of Delhi Police.

The app which he allegedly created was launched last year and similar to the Bulli Bai, it had listed Muslim women for ‘auction’. The creator or administrator of the app had sourced photographs without permission and most were doctored while being posted on the app.

Both the apps were reported to have uploaded photos of Muslim women without their consent. The administrators or users of the applications made inappropriate remarks against them.

The apps further had another thing in common and had used the hosting platform ‘GitHub’ to auction the stolen photos.

KPS Malhotra, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations Unit, Delhi Police Special Cell told the media that Thakur who was arrested from Indore was the mastermind behind the Sulli Deal app.

The accused is 26 years old and had done his BCA from IPS Academy in Indore.

As per the police, Thakur joined a group called ‘Trade Mahasabha’ using Twitter. He joined the group using the handle ‘gangescion’. The police said that the group members would discuss how to troll Muslim women.

After the app was seen on the media, Thakur deleted all his social media.

Thakur was arrested based on findings while interrogating the Bulli Bai app creator, Neeraj Bishnoi.

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