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Boost Intake Of Fresh Leafy Veggies For Good Health

By- Monalisa Gogoi

I turn into a rabbit when rain hits, the weather makes me munch more fresh greens, fresh salads with honey, and a balcony view, but now as the summer rolling around my cravings for fresh leaves is not as much as I had but as I like greens a lot so I have found a variety of new different ways to eat em in an Indian style. 

Well, I don’t think that I can share all the ideas but ugh you just keep reading my rabbits: 

Juice your leafy veggies 

Super Green Detox Drink

Leafy veggies and some raw veggies in rice paper rolls 

Easy Vegetable Vietnamese Spring Rolls | Live Eat Learn

make green chips 

8 Kale Chip Recipes and How To Make The Best Kale Chips

Add greens in soup 

Vegetable Soup | The Cozy Apron

Saute the greens and add some salt

Sauteed Spinach - Recipe File - Cooking For Engineers

Add greens to your omelet 

Half-Moon Browned Omelet Recipe | Cooking Light

What about Sandwiches

California Veggie Sandwich Recipe | Bon Appétit


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