Assam Assembly polls : 83.81 percent voter turnout in third phase

83.81 percent voter turnout was recorded in the third phase of Assam Assembly, held on Tuesday (April 6).

As compared to the first and second phases, the turnout recorded in the third phase was higher in the Assam Assembly elections.

In 39 constituencies, around 81 per cent of the 73,44,631 voters exercised their franchise in the second phase on April 1.

Across 47 constituencies, about 80 per cent of 81, 09,815 voters exercised their franchise in the first phase on March 27.

Across 40 constituencies over 12 districts, the third phase of the election went peacefully except for a few incidents of violence.

In West Bengal, a total of 83.93 percent of 78.5 lakh voters exercised their franchise till the end of the third phase of polling and in Tamil Nadu, where single-phase elections were held in 234 seats, 72.79 percent voter turnout was recorded.

Kerala recorded 74.05 percent turnout while the Union Territory of Puducherry where a single-phase election was held recorded a voter turnout of 81.70 per cent.

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