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Are you an insomniac? here are the things you can do if you dont sleep at night

Insomnia is a tricky friend. Sometimes it helps you stay up and finish your projects right before the deadline, and other times it leaves you staring at the ceiling wishing for the sweet release of unconsciousness.

It is unpredictable and pretty annoying, and sometimes, it can be downright scary to have no sleep. Sometimes even when you’ve tried yoga, warm milk, and the evening exercise you promised yourself you would never do, you just can’t get your mind to drift off!

So the next time you are just lying awake at night, wondering what went wrong, you should perhaps do some of these things instead to take your mind off of your beauty sleep.

Clean The Cupboards


If you are on a mission of cleaning, perhaps it is time to take out all the clothes from your cupboard, make some noise so the neighbors wonder what you’re up to, and get to cleaning out that mess! You’ve been meaning to give some clothes to charity anyway (for the last 5 years!)



Organise Your Emails

How to organize and filter emails in Gmail with labels | The JotForm Blog

You might have an immaculate room and a nicely organised desktop, but what happens when you open your mails? Do all the e-flyers and coupons mix in with the important mails from the bank? It is time to fix that. What better time than the night to clean up your inbox!


Have A One-Person Fashion Show

woman, applying, blusher / highlighter, make, holding, makeup brush, portable, mirror | Piqsels

No cupboard cleaning is really a cleaning if you do not find long lost clothes at the very back and do a little fashion show for yourself. Wear all the clothes that have been at the back of your cupboard forever. You’re finally going to find that top you’ve been looking for all through the lockdown, and perhaps some more things that you’ve never seen before!

Daydream The Night Away

All You Need To Know About Maladaptive Daydreaming | The Swaddle

When you can’t sleep at night, what is more fun than to lie in bed and think of impossible scenarios! You can be the queen or the next bollywood badshah or finally make your crush talk to you! The world is your oyster when you can’t sleep at night after all!

Do Some Skincare 

What to Do When Your Skin Care Stops Working


Insomnia might give you more time but let’s be honest, no one wants to look like Tyler Durden (we’re talking about the dark circles, not Brad Pitt). At night with no noise pollution and no one to gawk at you, this is the perfect time to indulge in some skincare!

Finally ,Read That Book!

I Finally Read... "The Portrait of a Lady" by Henry James | The M Dash

We’ve all got that one book that always puts us right to sleep, even though we know we really ought to have read it by now. Forget sleep medicine, get that book out and let’s try and get through it tonight! Maybe you’ll fall asleep, maybe you’ll not.



While this is all fun and games, Insomnia in reality is a big problem for many, especially as we thrive in a virtual generation. Blue lights, constant noise, and a never-ending sense of FOMO can all lead to lying awake at night and staring at our phones.

While there are many tricks and tips online to induce sleep, or even rest the body without sleep, make sure you head to a sleep therapist or a doctor if insomnia starts impinging upon your daily life.

Good luck guys! Hope you get some quality sleep!

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