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A good, hearty laugh relieves physical stress | Happy World Laughter day

By- Monalisa Gogoi

We feel good after sharing a laugh, but do you know it can improve your health? Well, we came to know that laughter is great medicine when we were a child but have you ever thought that how laughter can help our health? 

Does Laughing Gas Really Make You Laugh? - Delta Dental of Illinois

Laughter is like a windshield wiper, it doesn’t stop the rain but allows us to keep going happily because it brings people together in ways that trigger robust physical and spontaneous changes in the body. Laughter stimulates your immune system, boosts mood because you are around people, depreciates pain, and shields you from the distressful effects of stress. 

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I think that nothing works faster than a laugh, which brings balance to your life, mind, and body. Sharing humor just reduces your burdens, inspires you to hope for more, and unites you to the people you want.  The most important thing a laugh can discharge your anger and forgive sooner. These chuckles and horselaughs can seem like just silly throwaways. But laughter, in rejoinder to funny events. 

Believe in laughter, have faith in the therapy a burst of laughter can give.




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